Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Graey in Nylon Mag

I was really psyched when I saw this little piece on Graey in Nylon.  However, for the record, I never had the pleasure of working for Rochas.

In April of 2006, after sending out several hand-written cover letters (in France, at least in an industry like fashion, one is expected to hand-write cover letters as your handwriting is supposed to reveal aspects of your character) to some of the couture houses in hopes of obtaining employment, I got only one response -- from Rochas.

I met with Benjamin Edeline, an assistant designer to Olivier Theyskens, at the maison de Rochas in the seventeenth arrondissement, not quite as glamorous as the huge Dior mansion(s) in the eighth where I had interned a couple summers previously.  Benjamin told me that he needed an assistant (me) to help sketch collections for their license in Japan, along with helping with the main collection.  He was most interested in seeing whether I could draw, as I guess not as many design students as one would think know how to draw well?  Upon seeing my portfolio, he told me we would begin a trial when my studies were completed at the Chambre Syndicale.  I was ecstatic and amazed that they would be willing to sponsor me for a visa (it's really hard to get a work visa in France!)

However, two weeks later, I got a cryptic message from Benjamin, apologizing that because of a lack of budget, he would no longer be able to hire me, and that he wished me the best of luck.

A couple of months later, I read the New York Times article about how P&G had decided to close Rochas because of it's unprofitability.

Dans la mode, c'est la vie!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Spring/Summer 2008

What's your favorite look?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Making of an Episode

The making of each episode is a mini-version of the movie-making process. I figure out the story arc of the movie and then do pencil sketches on my Arches watercolor paper. I color it in with watercolor, and add a little outlining in ink. The images are then scanned into my much beloved Macbook Pro.


Finally, each image is added to Flash and animated and you get an episode!