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Spring/Summer 2011

After much blood, sweat, toil, and tears, I successfully showed my collection last Thursday, on the first day of New York Fashion Week. Well, maybe minus the blood and the tears. A few of the pieces were sewn by the factory I work with, but I sewed most of the pieces myself (with a little assistance from my parents and my awesome intern Cally). Needless to say, it was rough.

I'm going to preface this post by insisting that you check out the photos on my website first: -- because some of them are missing here and you can stream the show soundtrack by Alan Wilkis which I am excited about. At some point my new French friend will have the video up as well.

We got some early press in TimeOut New York which I'm pleased about -- you can check that out here:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, over the past several months I've been trying to learn to surf and I decided my Spring/Summer 2011 collection would be surf-inspired. I initially was thinking of working with neoprene but ended up finding a similar fabric called "spacer" at the spandex store, which I used to make padded bras reminiscent of wetsuits. I also used swimsuit fabrics and stretch lace to design leggings and tops that were surf-y and beachy. There were some t-shirty pieces embellished with silk chiffon, which were inspired by the t-shirty type clothes you throw on when you go to the beach -- soft and loose. I was super happy with the hair and makeup done by the Paul Labrecque team -- Hair: Tom Moschetto, Kalizya Hutchison, Amerah Abdelaziz Makeup: Daisy Schwartzberg

The moccasins were by Manimal and looked super cute with the clothes.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the images (all images by my friend Ferris Vanderveer):

Look 1
LAUREN - sand marshmallow french terry sweatshirt with lace sleeves, navy mesh leggings

Look 2
ALISA - navy marshmallow french terry dress with mesh sleeves

Look 3
RACHEL - white cotton jersey tank with sea foam silk chiffon panels and rosettes, sea foam silk jersey shorts with rosettes

Look 4
KELSEY - magenta lace rashguard dress

Look 5
MARCIA - cream lace rashguard dress

Look 6
KELLY - coral lace rashguard dress, yellow/white spacer bra

Look 7
TSUBASA - black cotton jersey tank with grey silk chiffon panels and rosettes, coral lace leggings

Look 8
ALEXA - cream lace rashguard, grey/silver spacer corset, grey/silver/sea foam colorblocked leggings

Look 9
GRETA - coral rashguard, green/silver spacer bra, silver/grey/coral color blocked leggings

Look 10
NADIA - black/grey/silver/coral color blocked one piece

Look 11
MARCIA - coral lace bikini

Look 12
RACHEL - navy mesh bikini

Look 13
ALISA - coral/grey spacer corset, black cotton jersey harem pants

Look 14
KELSEY - sea foam/silver/grey/yellow color blocked one piece

Look 15
LAUREN - cream/yellow/sea foam silk chiffon tank dress

Look 16
ALEXA - sand french terry wrap top, silver silk charmeuse harem pant

Look 17
GRETA - navy/purple/magenta colorblocked silk chiffon tank dress

Look 18
NADIA - grey french terry wrap top, navy silk charmeuse harem pant


Look 19
TSUBASA - black cotton jersey strapless gown with rosettes


KELLY - white cotton jersey tshirt gown with rosettes



After two grueling castings, we handpicked these lovely models. We saw lots of beautiful girls but these were right for the collection. The following agencies were involved:

MC2 - Rachel, Greta
FentonMoon - Marcia
Major - Alexa, Kelly, Kelsey, Nadia, Tsubasa
VNY - Alisa
Direct - Lauren

Thanks also to our other sponsors -- Hpnotiq who generously provided cocktails and cupcakes, as well as Ouidad and Arrojo and SummerSoles -- who provided swag for the gift bags!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out and was part of this production! Here is a pic with of the friends who helped out --

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